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Hi there, I'm Sara!

 I'm a props artisan, stylist, art department assistant for stage and screen, and multimedia artist based in the Los Angeles area with a passion for visual storytelling.


I grew up with a deep curiosity and admiration for how objects exist in space. When not obsessing over pictures of midcentury chairs, I could be found arranging (and perpetually rearranging) furniture in a vintage wooden dollhouse, forming deep attachments to hand props in a high school drama closet, and cherishing every decor magazine in various waiting rooms across New York State.

Most recently, I've worked as a props master and production assistant on various TV productions and commercial shoots in the Los Angeles and Boston areas for major and small brands alike. I have also spent several years working professionally as a props artisan and set dresser with various theatre and opera companies and educational institutions along the east coast, including off-Broadway at New York Classical Theatre in New York City; regionally in Boston at SpeakEasy Stage Company; The Lyric Stage Company of Boston; Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra; New England Conservatory of Music; Babson College; Brandeis University; and the Family Performing Arts Center at Bridgewater State University.


In my spare time, I persist in making tiny pies in bottle caps, collecting old paper graphics, falling in love with every shade of red, and inviting every creepy baby doll I encounter in the antique store to tea.

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Props Person

Looking for the just-right piece on set? I've got the advanced research skills, eye for style and period, and uncanny ability to source what you're looking for in record time.

Set Dresser

Midcentury chairs and faux foliage. A tulip table no one else can seem to find.

Making a space feel lived in. Let's make something beautiful.


My hands are always itching to make something original, no matter how weird. From realistic faux food to multimedia arts and crafts, I've got you covered.

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